Interior Design

We are a company of long standing and tradition who are focused exclusively on interior design. We help bring client’s dreams to reality through a creative and dynamic use of space. Our team comprises of highly trained, widely travelled and numerously experienced staff, we have staff that specialize in different skill sets that will cater to all of our client’s needs. We combine years of experience in the industry with inter disciplinary knowledge to bring forth a wide array of visual landscapes relevant to the client’s taste.






Our focus is on building design solutions for our client’s homes and work places. We align our product to the client’s objective and use the highest quality material available in all our dealings. Our designs are fuelled by innovation, interaction and creativity. Our brand is associated with quality work. Interior design involves a visual by the individual which we seek to bring forth and no dream is ever too grand or far fetched to be recreated in real life, we strive to fulfill our client’s every wish.

interior design-loungeOnce our team takes a tour of the proposed site of renovation, remodeling or original design we do a sit down with the client and they give us an uncontaminated, original point of view and we listen and plan. We seek to understand the client and communication back and forth is a key pillar in our organization and all options availed to the client without bias. We neither seek to force our opinions on the client or shortchange them in anyway, our values and ultimate aim stem from satisfaction of the client and a fulfillment of both short and long term needs. Our repeat clients and numerous referrals deeply please us and show our track record of customer satisfaction and fulfillment.



Our services

Décor trends

We bring the client the very latest and innovative trends straight to their homes, do not worry about getting left behind when House Haven is on your case.






Décor services

The interior of your house, lighting, textures, carpeting and much more are all catered to.


Kitchen design trends, to remodel or renovate your kitchen into a stylish room where you will be proud to make your meals and even partake of them depending on your preference.

Kitchen design services. From pulling down redundant counter tops and cabinets to rebuilding them in new styles that fit into the client’s vision.

Dining room

Dining room design trends, we offer services that will promise to transform your dining area into a stylish space where you will look forward to hosting and dining.

Dining room design services.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom design trends. We create a stylish and comfortable space depending on your wishes that will create a relaxing mood to aid in sleeping.

Master bedroom design services.


Basement design trends.

-Basement design services.

Living room

Living room design trends.

Living room design services.


We offer all the above services, the latest trends and in depth services in all the above mentioned areas in our client’s homes, to help them create their dream home spaces in the most innovative and creative ways possible.


Service Area

We are based in Toronto and we service all surrounding areas, for all your interior design, renovation and remodeling services contact High Haven House to cater to your needs. We create and design elegant spaces, our experts have numerous years of experience and we combine this with top notch professionalism to create your dream space. Through interaction with people in Ontario and the surrounding areas we have grown to be a highly respected and reliable company preferred by many home owners.






Ours is the first port of call when home owners seek to improve their internal space and we are heavily involved in interior design and craftsmanship of the highest quality possible provided by our excellently trained team of friendly professionals.

Our customers are a happy bunch and the numerous referrals we get and repeat customers for other house based needs make us a happy company, our comfort lies in knowing that our customer’s needs both short and long term have been met while upholding the highest quality possible. Our main pillar is communication and the line of communication between us and our customers is always open, we listen to your ideas and try to actualize them. You are our priority.